Yes. I went through all your Facebook photos to create a painting of you. 

I’ve gotten into a weird hobby. You know those friends you have on Facebook, the ones that you don’t interact with? Maybe it was a classmate that added you back when she needed study notes but now the semester is over and you know you will never speak again. Maybe it’s an old friend that hasn’t answered your calls or texts in a couple years. I can’t bring myself to delete them, and so their pictures just keep popping up in my news feed. 

A while ago, I had the idea to start painting these faces that get stuck in my head. I was a little worried about strictly copying from a single image, so I ignored the creepy feeling and went through hundreds of photos of the subject of my first portrait to really learn the angles of his face. Hundreds of photos. Honestly I couldn’t stop giggling while I did this. But hey, why else would someone add me besides to give me unfettered access to a bunch of photos of them? 

I gave this one away to a mutual acquaintance right after I finished. I forgot to get a better picture of it before I sent it off.

For my second installment, I painted a bit more from memory because I knew him a little bit better. I think that’s what made this one a bit more whimsical. 

Two down. A hundred more to go. I’ll definitely take a detour and work on some other ideas before I finish immortalizing these acquaintances, but it’s nice to have something to always come back to.